Defensive tackle Kawann Short

October 23, 2013 

Ten questions with Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short about life away from football:

Q. You went to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the race back in May. What was that like?

A. It was good. It was kind of like baseball. You don’t enjoy it while it’s on TV but when you’re there it’s a lot of fun.

Q. You’re from East Chicago, Ind. Were you a Cubs or White Sox guy growing up?

A. More of a Cubs (guy). Sammy Sosa, man.

Q. Do you keep up with baseball at all?

A. No. Not at all. I wear a lot of baseball hats, though.

Q. Had you gone to a race before? Maybe the Indy 500?

A. I tailgated it but I never actually went.

Q. You played basketball back in the day, were you any good?

A. I was OK for my size. I was a center. We won state my junior year with (current Magic guard) E’Twaun Moore.

Q. What was your size when you were a junior center?

A. I’d say I was about 6-foot-3, 289. I dunked a couple of times.

Q. What’s Charlotte been like for you so far?

A. Pretty good. Other than football, the city in general is nice. If I go to the grocery story people notice me and want to take a picture.

Q. How many pictures would you say you’ve taken now?

A. I’d say probably close to 60.

Q. What’s been the most interesting meeting you’ve had with someone?

A. I was at Harris Teeter and this guy, I was in the aisle, and this guy walked past me. And then he walked past me a couple more times. Then he said something to me and then he just started freaking out like, ‘Ah I knew it was! Do you mind taking a picture?’ And then the whole store’s attention was on me.

Q. Have you made it back to Purdue at all?

A. I did for Homecoming. We didn’t come up with the win but as far as the atmosphere it’s still live and the people there are still crazy.

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