Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2013 

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The cooler weather, beautiful colors, who could ask for anything better? Gazing at the fall foliage strokes your creativity by exposing you to vibrant patterns that your brain cells eat up like candy.

The taste and smell of food is another great thing: barbecue, apples, pumpkins and just the smell of tailgate food makes food taste so much more appetizing.

Halloween is just not for kids. I love Halloween treats like candy corn. This classic is closely associated with childhood, and simply smelling its sweet scent triggers a flood of happy memories instantly and puts you in a good mood.

Trick or treating is not just a handout for kids. It sweetens your mood as well! In fact, studies show giving even such a small gift to someone without getting anything in return boost happiness for hours. Canadian researchers show having such a positive interaction with neighborhood kids and their parents increase your level of satisfaction.

Costumes this year will be different because they have incorporated “Duck Dynasty,” “Walking Dead” and “Despicable Me” to a list of what to wear on Halloween.

I do have a confession to make: Halloween is my birthday and I love when all the trick and treaters come, the fellowship that goes with it when they come to my door every Halloween to help me celebrate my birthday.

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