‘Sani-Cans’ are unsightly

October 29, 2013 

‘Sani-Can’ problem stinks

We have lived in the Massey community on Doby’s Bridge Road for four years. We are pleased at all of the new construction surrounding us after the woes of the past.

However, in the last few months a “Sani-Can” porta-pottie, an out-of-area company used by both builders in Massey, has been on a lot facing our driveway with a broken front door. We have dealt with the odor and unsightliness of it for too long.

I have witnessed kids playing, in and out, also, since the door is wide open. Last Monday, I called the 800 number on the door of the “Sani-Can” and explained the situation. I informed the girl it needed a simple fixing of the door so it would stay closed. I was assured it would be corrected on Thursday during the maintenance. On Wednesday, it was extremely windy and I could see paper from inside flying out of the unit, some onto our lawn. I called again and was again told it would be fixed Thursday. At approximately 1:30 today the “Sani-Can” maintenance man arrived. I showed him the problem and he informed me that “he knows what is wrong, but he ain’t got no tools to fix it.”

I again called “ Sani-Can” and the girl I talked with was extremely rude. She stated that she was aware of the situation and informed me that the company only cares that the unit stays shut during use. She told me I would just have to deal with it. I also told her about the kids inside and the toilet paper flying around. She told me they would turn it around so we didn’t have to look at the inside. She also suggested that I go find the contractor and have him fix it. I then asked for her name and she hung up on me.

The “Sani-Can” maintenance truck returned and did not fix the unit, but turned it around. I then called Ryan Homes, who immediately sent a contractor out who took care of the problem. While talking to the Ryan contractor the ‘Sani-Can” truck pulled up and I could see a number of others with the same problem to the units’ front doors. While walking a bit later I saw another unit, newly placed on a site, but turned around. Obviously this is the “Sani-Cans” answer.

We should not have to be subjected to the inside of these units 24-7, and certainly not incur the unsanitary situation of used toilet paper flying around. The danger to children goes without saying. I would hope that both Ryan Homes and David Weekly Homes reevaluate their contract with “Sani-Can.” I’m sure there are other porta-pottie companies who would love to have their business in this economy and who would be respectful of the homeowners in the surrounding lots

Mary and Matt Docherty

Fort Mill

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