Deliver us from Utilities, Inc., Gov. Haley

November 12, 2013 

Please, Gov. Haley, deliver us from Utilities, Inc.

This is directed to Gov. Nikki Haley:

I grew up thinking that with hard work and a bit of chutzpa, I could fix what was wrong. A potato in salty soup, a patch on a flat tire ...

It seems that it is impossible to fix what Utilities Inc. has done to the state of South Carolina and the 144 communities they treat as their private piggy bank with total disregard for their customers’ safety.

Let the sewers overflow into drinking water, in coves while children swim, over land walked upon by golfers, children and dog walkers.

No problem, no need to mark it as hazardous.

No calls to residents to warn them that there will be no drinking water for hours or days.

Leaking water pipes, broken driveways, toxic smells. An average day in Tega Cay!

We have worked hard to rid our community of this scourge, this blight on our beautiful part of the world!

We have photographed and documented atrocities committed within our borders.

We have begged, written and pleaded with DHEC, ORS, PSC, U.S. Attorney, EPA, DNR to absolutely NO avail!

The slam of the door against our efforts is loud and clear. The efforts of other communities in South Carolina echo ours.

There’s a law that protects them. Utilities, Inc. is guaranteed a 10.8 percent ROR, they have more attorneys, more money, more than time – Utilities Inc. has someone’s protection.

We can’t sue in small claims court, Utilities Inc. is a public utility. PSC can’t order them to fix things, Utilities Inc. is a private company.

Governor, didn’t your mom also tell you with hard work, you could fix things? Make your mom proud – please be strong, please get rid of Utilities Inc. Help us!

Joyce Clark

Tega Cay

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