Elections have consequences

November 20, 2013 

Shocked by low voter turnout

Being a firm believer in voting in local politics, I was something close to shocked by the low voter turnout in the Nov. 5 town council elections.

When I showed up to vote just before lunch time, I was the third person to sign in. I knew that voter turnout in local elections all over the country is alarmingly low but I had no idea it was this bad in Fort Mill. Many people don’t seem to comprehend how much of an impact the outcome of local elections has on their day-to-day lives.

What is probably the biggest issue facing local elections is the lack of information on the candidates. I had to dig through the website for the Fort Mill Times and the paper from the week before the election to find any information and what was there didn’t tell me much, but it did give enough for me to know who to vote for.

It has become apparent that many people aren’t interested in local politics because of the lack of information and local news outlets don’t seem to report on it much because of the lack of interest. It is a terrible cycle, one that everyone needs to work together to break.

M. Robert Thrift

Fort Mill

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