Fort Mill’s Kay Dabney contributed to book on family history

From staff reportsNovember 29, 2013 

The Dabney family held a reunion in October. A book about the family is due out in 2014.


A group of Dabney family members from across the state, including Kay Dabney of Fort Mill, met in late October to preview plans for a new book, “The Dabneys of South Carolina,” to be published in early 2014.

The event was hosted by Doris Faye Vinson at her home in Camden. The authors of the new book are John Edward Dabney, a native of Rock Hill, who lives in New Jersey, and his cousin, Joseph Earl Dabney, a native of Kershaw, who lives in Atlanta. Joseph is also an award-winning author and writer of several books. Kay Dabney also contributed to the book.

The book is filled with historic information and photos of the many descendants of the Alexander Dabney clan of South Carolina. The patriarch of South Carolina Dabneys, Alexander, was born in Ireland in 1795, and lived for some time in Virginia and North Carolina before settling with his family in the Flat Rock community of Kershaw.

“The book is unlike any other genealogy book you have ever read,” John Edward Dabney said.

In addition to a photo gallery, many of the chapters chronicle the Civil War Dabneys, as well as life in the early S.C. mill villages, including vivid recollections and stories of ancestors beginning in the 1800s. As expected, a key section of the new book will present the Dabney family tree that includes each branch of the family through the generations, beginning in 1795.

Joseph Earl Dabney urged Dabneys across South Carolina and other states to email the authors any information and/or photos of their ancestors that would help the family complete an ancestral photo gallery for each branch of the family. The authors are also considering having a Dabney family reunion next summer, and would appreciate feedback from interested parties.

Information can be sent to John Edward at and Joseph Earl Dabney at

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