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Let’s stand together for family time on a holiday

December 2, 2013 

One of the most common characters found in movies is the villain who can harness a particular power to control the populace.

This leads to untold riches and an extreme egomania that precipitates a downfall hastened by a hero who swoops in to save the day.

While this scenario is fictional, excluding those hapless souls forced to live in North Korea, I can’t help but to think that the public can’t fathom what power we hold.

Imagine if we banded together to protest actions we might not like. If we had a large enough group, we wouldn’t be looked at like some counter-culture hippies or some fringe lunacy like Greenpeace, or bleeding hearts like PETA. We would be looked at as the majority.

When you attempt to do this against something like the government, it rarely works because they can institute fear and intimidation, but what if we tackled less ominous forces? Every super villain tries out their power before unleashing it fully.

They might use their gamma ray machine on mice before attempting to blow up Earth. They might use a powerful potion on a B-list actor who will next appear on “Dancing With the Stars” before trying to inject Brad Pitt. We don’t have to topple Communism right off the bat. Maybe we can just tackle the lunacy of shopping on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday has become gray now and begins as early as 4 p.m. on Thursday. Cyber Monday has screen-busters that begin on Friday.

What if most of us banded together and said we were going to spend time with family, enjoy our turkey, let the tryptophan kick in and thumb our noses at the allure of Christmas shopping?

What if we didn’t give into the trap of standing in line to get a ticket for one of five ultra-cheap laptops or flat screen TVs? What if we avoided crashing down the doors of Walmart stores throughout the country and stopped fighting with people for cheap goods on the day we are supposed to be giving thanks?

Sounds impossible, but is it? Is it really unthinkable to hope people can tell an industry to hold their horses for a measly 12 hours and keep Thanksgiving free from the madness we are seeing?

I like to put stretchy pants on after the meal to let my belly free, not to hold more CDs and clothes selling at a fraction of a cost by stuffing them in my gym outfit.

I don’t get what the earlier opening hours accomplish, anyway. It isn’t like starting the shopping season a half-day early puts more cash in my bank account.

I have only a certain amount to spend, whether I shop on Thanksgiving, the next day, or on Christmas Eve. We don’t have to take on Dr. Evil, the Joker or whatever Kim is in charge.

Let’s start with Macy’s, Walmart and Best Buy.

You can reach Scott at to learn how to digest turkey in 10 minutes.

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