We’re getting a live tree for Christmas this year

December 17, 2013 

My husband and I decided to buy a live Christmas tree this year. It would be the first time in a very long time, but I wanted the pine-tree smell and something different this year instead of our drab artificial one.

But I really didn’t mean to start World War III, although basically that is what I did.

We went to our local Christmas tree lot. They had many to choose from and this is where it all started.

I wanted a seven- to eight-foot tree, but Ray wanted one in the three- to five-foot range. Are you kidding me?

After about an hour I finally found what I thought was a beautiful tree, and of course he was not in agreement. I said, “let me browse a little bit more to be sure this is it. You stand here and hold the tree.”

About 20 minutes later I heard a loud voice yell, “how long am I suppose to hold unto this tree? “We have been here long enough.”

Well my reply was, “don’t get testy with me! I just want a perfect tree.”

We ended up purchasing the seven-footer. The employees cut some of the trunk, took some branches off, then bagged it in a nylon wrap and even put it in the truck. Good job. Let’s go to lunch. Two hours is enough time to spend on this project.


We got home, unloaded it in the driveway, and as I was getting a bucket of water to put it in and leave outside overnight, Ray said, “Don’t waste your time. We are taking it in the house now!”

“No! We need to get all the critters out! Remember the Griswolds in that Christmas movie? They brought the tree in that had a squirrel in and he wrecked the house and ruined Christmas! I won’t be able to sleep thinking something might jump out.”

Ray said, “Well I am taking the tree in. I do not want to deal with this drama another day. If something jumps out, you or the dog will have to deal with it.”

I stood watch all night. Nothing jumped out.

A quote from Betty Smith from her book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: “If there is only one tree like that in the world you would think it was beautiful. But because there are so many, you just can’t see how beautiful it really is.”

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