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All I want for Christmas is hope

December 17, 2013 

I think I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life where there isn’t anything material I want for Christmas.

I’ve gradually made that journey from crying over getting a brown sweater when I was 7 to caring more about the look on the 7-year-olds in my family when they open their presents.

Call it inner peace, experience or whatever, but my attention has turned toward seeing the joy of Christmas with others instead of myself.

I have all that I need right now. I guess the only thing I’d want is for that to continue. For the health of myself and my family to remain stable. For my job situation to remain stable. For life to stay on an even keel.

I know that isn’t a gift one can get, but if the jolly man in the red suit made it happen, I’d be grateful.

What I end up feeling more than anything during the holidays is hope.

Hope that we can feed the hungry. Hope that we can end wars. Hope that we can give each person what they need as the year draws to a close.

Like a New Year’s resolution, that hope is quickly broken, but it exists nonetheless. Each senseless shooting by madmen tears away at the hope. Each foolish conflict where people are persecuted for a certain religion peels off another layer of hope.

Each corrupt politician who thinks power trumps all melts the hope away.

During the year, the hope fades, only to come back again each December. If I could ask for anything. it would be that the hope never fully disappears.

So it appears that the things I would like are neither physical nor likely to happen. That’s probably where the concept of the “Magic of Christmas” comes from.

Everything is possible, if even for a glimmering moment. In a world where we increasingly hear about unprovoked mass killings, abuses of power and a general mistrust of everyone, moments of magic are needed.

It might be sappy. It might be fictional. It might be illogical. I don’t really care.

If a little hope keeps from becoming a cynical, depressed pessimist, then I’ll take it. I don’t have to be a kid on Christmas, but it sure is fun.

Let’s keep it that way.

You can reach Scott at to say Merry Christmas with pride.

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