No. 4: Dan Rajkowski

January 1, 2014 

knights at bb&t

Charlotte Knights Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Dan Rajkowski.


— As executive vice president and chief operating officer for the Charlotte Knights, Dan Rajkowski has a lot to do with the day-to-day operations of the Triple-A franchise, but he also has a lot to do with the Knights relocating to Charlotte from Fort Mill in 2013.

Rajkowski took the ball and ran with it once he got the go ahead from Knights ownership to move to Charlotte. He arranged funding and worked with Mecklenburg County governments, including the city of Charlotte, to help get the team back to the Queen City. He was also instrumental in getting the BB&T sponsorship that will adorn the name of the new $54-million ballpark.

The task wasn’t easy to get the Knights back up to Charlotte, but years of work finally paid off for Rajkowski once land was settled on in uptown Charlotte and construction began.

The Knights were officially be done with Fort Mill at the end of 2013, leaving an empty and desolate Knights Stadium to fall prey to a wrecking ball making way for a new distribution center for the Cato Corp.

The Knights are set to kick off its 2014 season on the road, but will host the first home game in 25 years in the Queen City in a brand, new 10,000 seat stadium April 11 against the Norfolk Tides.

Without Rajkowski, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Mac Banks

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