No. 5: Samantha Kriegshauser

January 1, 2014 

Samantha Kriegshauser

— No one beats the drum louder for the the Adult Enrichment Center of Fort Mill than Samantha Kriegshauser, the center’s director.

And no one was more proud when the facility was named National Outstanding Adult Day Center of the Year by the National Adult Day Services Association.

The center, located in the Avery Lake community, provides care for adults 18 and older with varying degrees of abilities and needs, including people challenged by dementia or with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We are all extremely honored to have won this award,” Kriegshauser said.

The nonprofit Adult Enrichment Center has a transportation service and is involved in various community outreach programs, such as the High Five Club, which stresses life skills and community involvement, and the Sunshine Club, a transition group for individuals who are interested in social activities and peer group fun. The Young At Heart Club is for those who need to stay close to the center and have more direct nurse supervision.

It was recognized for providing an array of activities, including exercise and intellectual fun using iPads, smart TVs and other technology. The center was also recognized for its partnerships with groups like Tri County Literacy, which offers services for clients in the Adult Day Program.

That’s not all.

“We keep people employed,” Kriegshauser said. “We provide a place for people to send their loved ones during the day so they don’t have to leave their jobs.”

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