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This Side Up: 'I miss how quiet Indian Land used to be'

January 14, 2014 

I remember a quiet so complete you could hear the grass growing.

I miss that stillness in Indian Land. At any given minute in our backyard after dark you could hear the hoot of an owl sitting in the pine tree. I remember the dark that dropped over us like a warm blanket.

Growth began, and it didn’t stop. It really was not any one thing that was at fault. We just grew and had nothing in place. The Lancaster County Council members from other districts at that time didn’t want the growth in their backyards, but they did want the revenue that came with it. We had only one representative to speak out for us. Then came the gas stations just like rabbits. Now we are known as the “Cheap Gas Capitol of South Carolina.” The lines are long traffic unreal and most of the cars have North Carolina tags.

Some of us longtime residents who love Indian Land and some of the newcomers who care about their new home got involved. We lost a lot of battles, but most us who cared showed up at meetings, asked questions and hung in there. We were not the ones who complained about everything or had a personal agenda. We picked the important battles that we knew something about and we voiced our opinions.

This year I am confident that we are finally moving in the right direction. Two County Council members with foresight are speaking for us. We have two knowledgeable Planning Commission members for our districts, and a feeling of compromise with the other County Council members. A new Planning Director, Penelope Karagounis and her staff, who are not afraid to step out of the box and get things done.

There is also a light at the end of the tunnel for a solution to the Marvin Road and Hwy. 521 intersection with a study by the Rock Hill-Ft. Mill Area Transportation Study (RFATS) that should get officials’ attention.

I still miss the stillness. It is an antique in this intruding life.

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