Fort Mill teen charged with assaulting her mom, another woman

jmcfadden@heraldonline.comJanuary 21, 2014 

— A Fort Mill teenager was charged with assault and placed in a juvenile holding cell on Friday after deputies say she assaulted her mother and another woman when they tried to force her to sit in the living room.

Deputies were first sent to a Suttonview Road home at about 1:15 p.m. after a woman, 51, called to report that her daughter, 16, barricaded herself in her room and began yelling and shouting profanities at her, according to a York County Sheriff's report. 

Authorities knocked on the door several times, but the girl would not answer, the report states. A deputy pushed the door open and realized that no one was inside. The window was unlocked and the screen had been pushed outward. Deputies found the girl walking down Harris Road.

The girl's mother told police her daughter had been suspended from school and complained of stomach pains. The mother refused to take the girl to the hospital because she said she still owed money from a previous hospital visit. More, she told deputies she believes her daughter is faking and acting out for attention. When she told her daughter she was not going to the hospital, the girl began yelling.

The teen told police that she has been sick for a week and her mother won't take her for treatment. Instead, she claimed that her mother said she was pregnant and wanted her to take a pregnancy test. She yelled at her mother because her mother "disrespected her," the report states. The girl insisted that she was not pregnant, but still wanted to go to the hospital.

Deputies called for an ambulance, but the mother refused to give consent for the girl to go to the hospital. The mother demanded that deputies make her daughter sit in the living room. Deputies warned the girl not to run away before telling the mother that forcing the girl to sit in the bathroom is not a police matter. Upset, the woman told deputies she would call them again as they left the house.

Minutes later, deputies were called to the home again. When they arrived, they found the teenage girl scuffling with her mother and another woman, 48, in the corner of the girl's bedroom. Deputies separated the combatants and placed the girl, only wearing her "undergarments," in handcuffs for safety. When deputies removed the cuffs so she could dress herself, the girl picked up a phone and remote and threw it. She was irate, deputies said, and shouted curse words at her mother and the other woman.

The victims told police they went into the girl's bedroom to make her come out to the living room, the report states. The girl became aggressive and things soon got physical as the girl started biting them and pulling their hair as they tried to hold her down.

The other woman, whose relationship to the mother and girl is unclear, suffered a bite on her neck. The girl told police that the older women tried forcefully pulling her out of her room and she only tried to defend herself. She also had a bite mark on her upper torso.

Deputies arrested the girl, charging her with two counts of third-degree assault and battery. The other two women were not charged.

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