A need for speed: Fort Mill Pack 250 holds annual pinewood derby

Special to the Fort Mill TimesJanuary 28, 2014 

  • Pinewood Derby Den Race winners:

    Stewart Settle, Tiger, Den 1

    Nicholas Fox, Tiger, Den 2

    Aiden Walburg, Wolf, Den 4

    Xander Ring, Wolf, Den 6

    Zander Goodwin, Bear, Den 7

    Zachary Smith, Bear, Den 8

    Dominic Hunton, Bear, Den 14

    Erich Halwas, Webelos I, Angry Birds

    Garrett Jones, Webelos I, Firebirds

    Nate Sullivan, Webelos I, Eagles

    Ryan Muckenfuss, Webelos II, Flaming Arrows

    Alex Rempel, Webelos II, Sharks

    Pack Race winners were as follows:

    Cub's Choice

    1st - Daniel Harris, Bear, Den 14

    2nd - Tyler Edwards, Tiger, Den 1

    3rd - Seth Henderson, Webelos II, Sharks

    Best Design

    1st-Nick Norman, Wolf, Den 6

    2nd-Levi Harrington, Wolf, Den 4

    3rd-Jack Deann, Webelos II, Flaming Arrows

    Top Speed

    These Top 5 advance to District Race in April

    1st - Erich Halwas

    2nd - Xander Ring

    3rd - Connor Zahn

    4th - Adam Bradberry

    5th - Evan Mucciaronie

— A block of wood, four wheels, four axles and a bit of creativity turned into a day of fun competition for the members of Cub Scout Pack 250.

The pack held its annual Pinewood Derby Saturday at Grace Presbyterian Church. Out of the pack’s 100 members, 81 Scouts participated.

The Pinewood Derby is a tradition among Cub Scouts that has been around since the 1950s, said Brad Chatham, pack committee chairman. Pack 250 has been holding the race for nearly 20 years.

“It’s part of what we do,” Chatham said. “It’s a good activity to do as a family.”

The cars are judged on best design, club’s choice and speed. The Scouts can design the cars as they wish while following the size and weight regulations, said Cub Master Gordon Folz.

“The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity,” he said.

Car designs included a hot dog shaped car, a “Plants vs. Zombies” themed car and a Noah’s Ark theme.

Chris Gardner, assistant principle at Gold Hill Elementary School, judged the cars on Best Design.

“These cars are amazing,” he said. “To see the support of all these parents and how they give back to the community is what makes this event so special.”

The derby also rewards one Scout with the award of sportsmanship, something that is a theme during the friendly competition.

“Scouting is about doing your best and being a good sport,” Folz said.

Den 4 member Edan Hyatt, 7, said he enjoys racing cars.

“If I lose, its OK because its about good sportsmanship,” he said.

Den 4 leader Stephanie Hyatt said she enjoys watching her son learn from the other Scouts.

“It’s a good, healthy competition,” she said. “They have a really good time with it.”

Webelos I member Erich Halwas placed first in speed.

As he’s participated during the years, Halwas perfected his cars , said his father, Todd Halwas.

“Scouting allows you to participate with your son,” said Halwas, whose daughter is in Girl Scouts.

“It’s a wonderful way to build common goals. Sometimes those goals pay off.”

In second place was Xander Ring, who spent a month perfecting his car with his father.

“It’s so awesome getting a trophy,” he said. “I love being in second place.”

Kim Ring said her son placed fifth last year and was determined to move up this year.

“He was super excited,” she said. “It’s a great event. It’s neat to see their sportsmanship.”

Connor Zahn, Den 8, placed third.

“I feel very proud of it,” he said. “My whole family pitched in and we had fun doing it.”

Zahn and his father Chris built the Subway themed car.

“We’re very proud of him,” Chris Zahn said. “Connor works hard and does a good job.”

Adam Bradberry and Evan Mucciaronie placed fourth and fifth, respectively. The top five winners will compete in the District Race in April.

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