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Rescue dogs: Another ‘miracle’ in Indian Land

February 4, 2014 

Our friend Terri Fletcher is always looking out for us. When she saw a dog that needed a home, she called us.

We were skeptical about getting another dog so soon after we put our beloved Marley put to sleep. But we went just to look at her and that was it. Who could resist those sad looking eyes? She needed someone, so we took her home.

That look was something we understood because we have seen it many times with rescue animals. Those are the only dogs we have ever had. Rescued dogs bring a bagful of experience, richness and love like no other to your table.

Obviously, there is a reason that dogs end up homeless, but it does not always have to do with the dogs. Sometimes owners pass on before their dogs and sometimes dogs have dysfunctional owners. If you adopt a rescue dog, you are not likely to get a puppy. However, there are as many positives about this. If you are lucky, these dogs are usually house-trained, can walk on a leash and follow simple commands.

It is unfortunate that more people do not consider looking at rescued dogs first. So many wonderful dogs are just looking for a great family or a best friend. Think about it!

Remember, as author Susan Kennedy said, “Dogs are miracles with paws.”

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