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My life is a romantic comedy

February 11, 2014 

I was sitting at my dining room table thinking about an idea for this month’s column when in walked my husband.

“Hey, Karen,” he said. “Do you need some inspiration?”

“Yes.” I exclaimed, quickly flipping to a blank page in my notebook.

He paused as if he needed a breath before sharing his big idea. I couldn’t wait. I was ready to jot down every word.

But instead of speaking, my husband plopped down in the chair beside me, tilted his head and fluttered his eyelashes.

“How’s this for inspiration?” He chuckled.

“Ha. Ha.” I replied. “Very funny.”

OK, so maybe you had to be there. Or maybe you have to know my husband. But trust me, it was funny. And oddly enough, it did turn out to be my inspiration.

Let me explain: During the holidays, my dad was perusing my recorded movies. He turned to my sister with a befuddled look on his face and said, “These are all romantic comedies.”

Yep. That’s me. I love romantic comedies. Maybe it’s because I’m living one.

The other morning, I was in the kitchen and found myself saying, “Oh my gosh, I’ve only been up for two hours and I’ve laughed almost the whole time.”

I don’t even remember what was so funny, but at one point, I was giggling so much that I grabbed the peanut butter from the pantry and before I used it, I put it right back.

“That’s efficiency,” My husband said with a nod. “Baby. You’re way ahead of yourself.”

The silliness just snowballed from there.

Last year on Valentine’s Day, when my husband made me a card with a hand-written letter, I told him I didn’t have anything that compared to that. He just smiled, held out his hand and said, “It’s OK if you don’t have a Valentine for me, just give me half of your cheesesteak.”

That worked for me because who needs a cheesesteak when there’s a heart-shaped box of chocolates close by?

Paul Valery, the French poet said, “Love is being stupid together.” I’m all for that. And I’m all for corny little valentines, so without further adieu, here is mine, just for you:

Love is in the air

But oh, you must beware.

For love will make you laugh

And strangers just might stare.

Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill, email her at

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