Letter: Fix TCWS or give it away

February 18, 2014 

Fix it, or give it away

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Utilities Inc./Tega Cay Water Service (UI/TCWS) hopes to get $7,860,000 for a waste water system that TCWS and the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) reports it is in need of major repairs!

UI stated “the system is in need of significant capital improvements.” This is a broken down disaster of a system that spills sewage, has broken water pipes all the time, and Boil Water Advisories that reach some people. Hey, we have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale!

DHEC has written another corrective action plan. This is the third one that I have copies of since 2009. Did the other plans work? I don’t think so! All of these plans did allow UI/TCWS to continue to spill sewage into Lake Wylie, in our homes and on our property. These spills did prevent us from swimming, fishing and playing in the lake for numbers of days.

UI/TCWS has continually broken the Federal Clean Water Act and the S.C. Pollution Control Act for 23 years. The spills have continued with small Band-aids applied if the citizens cried loud enough. Nothing was ever replaced with a better fix. The same old equipment and need for repair are in existence.

This is the same old equipment that caused our problems for years and they want us to buy them for 7.86 million dollars. Did UI/TCWS expect us to jump for joy when they offered this outrageous price tag? “There’s no work in the plan that we wouldn’t have done eventually as a part of our ongoing maintenance and improvement program, so we’re happy to move this thing forward quickly,” said Utilities Inc. Head of Staff Tom Oakley. Why didn’t you do this year ago? Why didn’t you do this in January when you spilled over 100,000 gallons of sewage? We may be a small town BUT we can see through this at any distance.

Start deducting the price for all the things DHEC has required UI/TCWS to do which would be passed on to the city if they bought this disaster of a system. We have already paid for multiple repairs through rate increase after rate increase and you still did not fix it. Now we say “FIX IT” or GIVE the junk to the city and go peddle your goods elsewhere.

Linda Stevenson

Tega Cay

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