Letter: Guns and alcohol don’t mix

February 25, 2014 

Guns and alcohol don’t mix

In reading recent articles in The Herald and Fort Mill Times, I never cease to be amazed at the poor judgment and lack of common sense of our state legislators.

With education not fully funded, some of the poorest, pot hole-laden roads in the country, and an unacceptably high unemployment rate one would think that issues such as these would be of the highest priority to be addressed.

But what would surpass all of the worthy issues that need to be addressed? None other than a concealed carry permit law that would allow holders to carry firearms into restaurants and bars. Do you really feel so much safer taking your family, friends, or significant other to a bar or restaurant not knowing if someone around you is armed and potentially dangerous? Guns and alcohol don’t mix and bullets don’t have eyes. People already get into enough arguments and confrontations without alcohol. Just ask the widow in Florida whose husband was gunned down by an ex-police officer after an argument about a cellphone. With the stand your ground laws in this state, you can kill someone for looking at you the wrong way, and get away with murder.

Several of the legislators mentioned streamlining. All they seem to be concerned about is the rights of the approximately 229,000 residents who have permits. This is an extraordinarily small part of the population of our state. What about the rights and safety of the rest of our residents? Also, in regard to streamlining, it is a concern that the people who administer the training courses would take shortcuts in training people to make a quick buck.

I am also dismayed and disappointed that local law enforcement hasn’t taken a stand against this law. This law is going to be burdensome to them and take up a lot of their time unnecessarily. I think they should be out fighting crime and protecting our residents rather than wasting time on something as worthless as this.

It is particularly sickening to see politicians playing the fear card. All they want is to keep people scared to death. It is unfortunate we don’t learn from history. All we need to do is remember what great leaders like Franklin Delano Roosevelt said and did. He gave hope and motivation to a country in the throes of the Great Depression and World War II. He said “all we have to fear is fear itself.”

I would like to commend restaurant owners such a Daniel Holmes for speaking out against this law. I have patronized his business for years and will continue to do so. I hope that the residents of South Carolina vote with their pocketbooks and think more of their families’ safety than to patronize businesses that kowtow to this absurd, dangerous, and preposterous law.

Barry W. Faile

Fort Mill

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