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We took a ghostly trip to New Orleans

March 4, 2014 

Several years ago we won and all-expense paid trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. To us, this trip was like hitting the jackpot.

Our trip included four days at the Fairmont Hotel right in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The hotel was beautiful with crystal chandeliers half the size of our house at that time. We were like little kids in a candy store.

Mardi Gras is the season for lavish, colorful parades, king cake parties and beautiful masquerade parties. The parades are organized by the Carnival krewes. Krewes are float riders who toss out purple, green and gold beads, candy, and trinkets to the crowds that line the streets.

Krewes are a private membership clubs whose members produce each of these floats. Some floats have 850 members. It was a sight to see. The Cajun food was excellent; there is no bad food in New Orleans.

We would hear a lot of talk in the elevators about ghosts that come to the Mardi Gras. So the very last day we were there I asked the waitress. Her reply was, “Oh, yes there are ghosts and they are active especially during Mardi Gras.” She told us that some investigators believe ghosts are attracted to all the activity and partying. She said that some have even captured photos of them.

The last night we were there was a late night. We unlocked the door and we could smell a sweet fragrance of perfume that was nothing like mine. When we turned on the light we heard a shuffling noise. I looked at our bed and it was turned down for the night with a few rose petals around the room and chocolates on the pillow.

I immediately called the desk and asked if the hotel had done this and the man who answered replied, “Oh no. Maybe it was a ghost.”

I did not sleep all night.

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