Letter: Cartoon was over the top

March 4, 2014 

Cartoon was over the top

The political cartoon on page 7A in the Feb. 26 Fort Mill Times was “over the top” and very inappropriate.

To imply that folks don’t support our current POTUS because he is black is absurd – he won two national elections and, in the past, he had very high approval ratings. He was black then – as he is now!

What has changed is that his policies have driven down his approval ratings. You know that – and I know that. I could list a number of these policies and the deceptions connected with his statements that “you can keep your policy...........” Or, “I have a phone and a pen......”

As a new resident in Indian Land, I will really be skeptical of your paper and its political leanings. Too bad because I had hoped to have a local paper tackling local problems and letting the NY Times take on their liberal causes!

Chuck Martin

Indian Land

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