Letter: Common Core story was one-sided

March 10, 2014 

Common Core story one-sided

I am surprised and disappointed.

I have always appreciated news sources that hold to a standard, to report both sides of any given issue. To truly report means making sure that the reader has well-rounded information from which to draw THEIR OWN opinion. I had for some time now counted your paper as one that would at least attempt to deliver both sides of an issue in its reporting. It seems that I can no longer look to your paper for such a standard. I am a parent in the Fort Mill school district and a concerned resident who may be looking elsewhere for my local news. For that you should be concerned.

I find it amazing that reporting apparently now just means going to a website and retyping what has been presented to your so called reporter. You are not doing a service to our community when you choose to only write one side of an actual news story. The subject of Common Core is a serious one. No matter which “side” you are on. There are many facts and LOTS of actual data that your reporter neglected to include. I would ask that you attempt again to be a news source and rewrite the article, this time including actual facts from those not in favor of Common Core as well. Instead of becoming a “fish wrapper” like many newspapers in this country, how about you explain both sides, it would be appreciated by many readers…including me.

Alison K. Starosky

Fort Mill

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