Falcons boys’ soccer team feeling growing pains

mbanks@comporium.netMarch 24, 2014 

— The Nation Ford High boys’ soccer team dropped a second straight match, falling to the third-ranked Northwestern Trojans 6-0.

The team is 3-5 for the season.

Nation Ford lost earlier in the week, 2-1, to South Pointe and coach Elton Ramey said his team is feeling growing pains.

“We are young, but you can see from the first half to the second half; It’s like we have to get a shock and then we really start to play,” he said.

“We can hang with any team in the state. It’s just we are almost there to where we are with them. They are young and learning how to deal with the size and speed. In time that will change. We are talented and technical, but we don’t have the size and height that other teams do. It makes it hard at times, but they are doing well.”

After the game, Ramey was shocked at the outcome.

“I am surprised they were that good,” Ramey said. “I knew they were going to be good because they are Northwestern, but they are better than I thought they would be. I didn’t expect that out of them. They are very well coached.”

Northwestern wasted no time getting on the board early with a penalty kick just 45 seconds into the game from Bailey Woolley. The Trojans’ defense was strong and the Falcons struggled to cross midfield. Northwestern controlled the pace and used the sides of the field to move the ball, as Julian Welborn worked his way down the left side of the field and put a ball into the back of the net just minutes after the opening goal.

Welborn got a second shot about four minutes later, but the Falcons got lucky as the ball bounced off the top of the goal and was cleared out by Nation Ford’s keeper Cameron Roberts. Northwestern stayed aggressive, beating Nation Ford to the ball and out muscled the Falcons for control.

When Nation Ford was able to cross mid-field, it struggled to keep control and lost possession quickly on several potential opportunities.

The Falcons tried to put together a couple of runs on offense, but labored to take shots.

Defensively, Nation Ford improved as the first half went on, keeping the ball away from Northwestern on a more consistent basis.

That illusion of control slipped as Welborn added his second goal of the game after a pass from the right side of the field. He went one-on-one with Roberts and blasted the ball past him for the Trojans’ third goal of the half.

Nation Ford did get two clear shots on goal with about 26 minutes left in the game, but Trojans senior keeper Cody Jones was there to grab them up.

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