Letter: Utility should be booted from city

March 24, 2014 

Utility should be booted from city

As a resident of Tega Cay and the great state of South Carolina I am respectfully requesting that Tega Cay Water Service/Utilities Inc. be ordered to cease and desist their operations in Tega Cay. There should be a mutual agreement between the federal, state and local governments declaring these toxic spills a health and economic disaster.

An immediate plan to mutually repair and operate the system should be formulated with all costs being passed on to Utilities Inc. U.I.’s plan over the past decade, was and continues to be, a systematic increase of charges to their customers while doing and spending as little as possible on operating and maintaining their system. Unfortunately the agencies put in place to protect the citizens, PSC and ORS, failed to exert the pressure needed to ensure that this did not happen. The result of all “rewards” and no “stick” has come back to embarrass them now that the TCWS is admitting that the full repairs needed to adequately repair the sewage system would not be cost effective for them. The residents of Tega Cay are being adversely affected by their ineptness and inability to effectively and efficiently operate the system to at least minimum required standards.

Utilities Inc. cannot continue to contaminate our lakes and properties at will without severe and sustained penalties. The regulatory agencies along with the elected politicians should have assets at their disposal that would ensure the public that they are in control and that no company can operate outside of the law. Please do what you were elected to do, help us prevent an inevitable catastrophic event.

Martin Camhi

Tega Cay

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