Letter: Unsatisfied with Common Core story

March 24, 2014 

Unsatisfied with Common Core story

As a responsible tax-paying citizen and concerned parent, I am writing to express my disappointment in your coverage of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Your article was biased in the direction of support for Common Core, when clearly, had any amount of research been done on the topic, you would have found an onslaught of arguments against and disapproval of the standards initiative. As a citizen of Fort Mill/Tega Cay, I find this reprehensible and irresponsible.

The insert about Common Core is completely wrong and misleading to parents in search of a source of adequate information on which to make a decision about this issue. The newspaper should be a trusted source of information. One should present equally both sides of the story or neither story at all. What you have published here is a sensationalized piece of journalism.

Here is the FACT: Even the Fordham Institute, a proponent of CC, admits that several states had standards superior to CC and that many states had standards at least as good. CC has been described as a “race to the middle.” And as admitted by one drafter of the CC math standards, CC is designed to prepare students for a non-selective two-year community college, not a four-year university.

CCSS is NOT “internationally benchmarked.” There is a lack of international alignment in the area of mathematics. Research concerning top-performing countries shows that students do better in math if they are required to work math problems (lots of them), not merely explain math problems.

In addition to the lack of international alignment in the area of mathematics, there are also valid concerns about ELA. During the validation process, Validation Committee member Dr. Sandra Stotsky repeatedly asked for information about what countries’ standards were being used for the “international benchmarking.” The developers never responded. Since then, Dr. Stotsky has done her own research and discovered many countries (such as Finland and the countries of the British Commonwealth) that have ELA standards “far more demanding” than Common Core.

Because the government can not technically mandate education standards (standards have been introduced through national legislation before and overwhelmingly voted against), the CC standards were initiated by private interests in Washington, DC.

Mary Beth Crumly

Tega Cay

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