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Complaining might not work, but people are listening

April 15, 2014 

Wow! I’d like to thank everyone that sent me an email or left a comment about last month’s column.

I love hearing from readers, and last month, I heard from more than ever. When I told my sister that, she said, “See. I told you to stop writing ‘fluff’ and start complaining more.” And when I told a friend what my sister said, my friend said, “Yeah. But you did it in such a nice way.”

I think she meant complain in a nice way.

Maybe I do need to complain more, because recently, I saw even more innocent trees cut down on Hwy. 160. But seriously, I don’t think there’s much I can do about that except maybe plant a tree. And what better time to plant a tree than spring, since spring has finally sprung?

I was wondering if it would ever get here. At least it felt like spring the day I wrote this column. I hope it’s still spring-like today. Spring is full of color – purple redbuds, pink cherry trees, and bright yellow, fluffy daffodils. Uh-oh. Wait. Did I write something like “fluff?” Oops. I take it back.

Don’t you think it’s nice being outside after all the cold spells? Well, except for the pollen that’s floating into town, hanging out on my front porch, lounging all over my patio furniture and finding its sneaky, little way into the nostrils of unsuspecting victims, causing them to sneeze on me.

And then there are the ants. Notice any lately? They’re trying to take up residence in every crack and crevice around my house. I had to call my mom and put her on Ant Alert.

“The ants are already trying to find their way in,” I exclaimed.

“Oh no,” my mom exclaimed back. “I better get my stuff out.”

Be warned, readers. It’s time to check your doors and windows for ants of all shapes and sizes.

Oh and another thing…Wasps! Every time I step outside, they dive bomb me. No matter where I am in my yard, they find me. I wish they’d go find a new neighborhood. If they’d take a look around, they’d see a bunch of new lots to choose from. Who invited them to my spring party, anyway? That’s what I want to know.

But hey, at least spring is here. So, who’s complaining? Not me. Or wait, yeah, maybe I am complaining. That's it. I’m feeling bad to the bone. Who wants to join me?

Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill. Email her at

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