Letter to the editor: Worst president ever

April 23, 2014 

Worst president ever

We should expect to hear of celebrations in the southern part of Georgia as the realization takes hold that their native son, Jimmy Carter, will no longer be known as the worst president ever. He will be displaced by Barack Hussein Obama, the whiz kid from Chicago, by way of Kenya, Indonesia and Hawaii.

His blind supporters have now been suckered in twice by his impossible promises, but now are finally, and reluctantly, beginning to accept the fact that they have been duped. Recent polls show that about 85 percent of the people now believe he has lied, or will, to advance his agenda … to transform the nation from its exceptionalism and greatness to a socialist state. Not everyone who opposes him is racist. Some just happen to think he is in over his head, in a position beyond his ability to perform. His record through less than one full term as a senator was less than sterling. In addition to his own inexperience, he has gathered together the most inept group ever to occupy the White House.

No one knows how to do anything.

In his magical world of pixie dust, and as a disciple of the radical Saul Alinsky, he has systematically assaulted many of the things that have made America great. Obamacare has deeply damaged the best health care system in the world and, in that process, has deeply divided our political system. This law is questionably unconstitutional, and was not developed in the usual bipartisan way, but was railroaded through without input or one single vote of the opposition party. It is probably already too late to set it aside completely, but it does need to be drastically reformed.

This president alone has doubled the nation’s previous debt, accumulated through the terms of the first 43 presidents, over a period of 220 years! Ever-expanding welfare rolls is not an indication of a nation in recovery. Food stamps continue to be passed out without any regard for need. And he has pushed the extension of unemployment benefits to the point where some no longer even seek employment. The present business climate has made it necessary for many small business owners to reduce their workforce or reduce hours to survive. Many potential workers now find it easier to accept welfare or extended unemployment benefits than to even seek employment. After all, who would expect anyone to work if they can be paid about the same while they stay at home and do other things?

Our military has been weakened, and the president’s collection of appointees have contributed to weakening our position of respect. Every two-bit thug in the world now thinks he can act with impunity. The point is not that we should respond militarily to every cause, but for others to know and believe that we can … and to not dare test our might.

Three more years of the same will be devastating. The time has come when this president should be impeached and removed from office. No doubt, there are supporters already planning his presidential library. I would be among the first to commit to contribute for one … in Kenya.

John R. Carter

Fort Mill

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