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Some things only a mother can do

May 6, 2014 

Mom’s come in all sizes shapes and colors. I think the following poem by Amanda Bradley, which appeared in a Mother’s Day Card I received from one of my sons five years ago, fits us all:

“Who takes the time to be with you and listens with her heart whenever you feel troubled or confused? Who holds your dreams as tenderly as if they were her own, who helps you feel encouraged and enthused? Who lovingly reminds you of how much you’ve learned and gained and never lets you dwell on a mistake? Who never loses faith in you and always sees the good in each and every task you undertake? Who overlooks your weakness and celebrates your strength, who nurtures you, yet leaves you room to grow? Who gently helps you find your way along the path of life?

Thanks for always taking time when there wasn’t much to spare. Thanks for always standing by to help and guide and share.

Thanks for being patient and talking problems through. Thanks for all the things you’ve done that only you could do.

A Mother”

Have a special Mother’s Day.

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