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Don’t panic – make pizza!

May 13, 2014 

We’ve all had kitchen disasters – some more memorable than others.

I’ve burned almost everything you can think of, including a few oven mitts and tea towels placed on the wrong stove burners.

I’ve turned on the oven without checking first to see if any dishes were inside (there were), dropped steaks in the mud taking them off of the grill, had a cheesecake adhere itself to the pan just before serving it to guests.

I saw Julia Child drop a cake on the floor once and she just scooped it up, plopped it on a serving plate, and covered it with icing without batting an eyelash. Let’s face it, if this sort of thing can happen to Julia Child, it can happen to anybody. You just need to keep your cool.

If you find yourself in the kitchen having created something so heinous that the only safe place to put it is the garbage disposal, relax. If all else fails, you can order pizza.

Better yet, you can make an easy quick pizza with ingredients you probably have on your pantry shelves or in your refrigerator.

Most people love pizza so they don’t know any better. Ignorance is bliss and you are a genius. Good for you.

At home pizza

For the crust, I use pita bread. You can keep this in your freezer.

The sauce is obvious – a jar of spaghetti sauce.

Cheese. That’s easy. Any kind will do. Grate it.

Toppings are whatever you can find. I usually have onions on hand and if I’m lucky, some tomatoes and peppers in my salad drawer. Check your pantry shelves for jarred mushrooms, olives, or even pineapple if you get desperate. Sliced cold cuts will work just fine for the meat.

From your spice rack find some Italian seasoning, dried basil, or oregano.

Assemble your ingredients on the counter. Put your crust on a cookie sheet. Spoon some sauce on it and spread it out so it reaches the edges of the crust. Top the sauce with grated cheese. Add as much as you like.

Then add your toppings, whatever they might be. Sprinkle some grated cheese over the top. The powdered kind is just fine in this case. Sprinkle some herbs over the top and you’re good to go.

Place the cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven and cook for 15 minutes. Pull it out, slice it, and serve it. Just pretend this was your dinner plan from the beginning.

Joy Smith:

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