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Letter: NarroWay is a blessing to Fort Mill

June 2, 2014 

NarroWay is a blessing

On Saturday afternoon, May 3, I took a friend from Massachusetts to see the NarroWay production of “The Gospel According to Tennessee.” This fast-paced musical show, set in 1926, takes you to east Tennessee where the fun never ends, and you sing-a-long with fabulous old Southern classics and watch the gospel truth unfold through the eyes and imagination of Tennessee. The show runs through Aug. 2.

A week later on May 10, I took my friend, Saundra, to see a special Mother’s Day production of “A Tribute to Mothers.” This fun-filled variety show paid tribute to motherhood, with real-life kid interviews, hilarious drama and music that thrilled the soul! This was Saundra’s first visit to NarroWay and she was very impressed with not only the show, but also with the staff and personnel. May God richly bless all involved in both these inspiring and entertaining programs. A very special thanks to Yvonne “Birdie” Clark and Rebecca Martin for being who they are and what they do. To God be the glory for bringing their special Christian programming to Fort Mill.

What a blessing for all of us!

Sandy Paul

Fort Mill

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