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New development is destroying our town

June 2, 2014 

We are a group of fifth and sixth grade homeschooling girls from LIFE Homeschool Cooperative here in Fort Mill. We have studied earth science this year and have learned the importance of keeping our ecosystem balanced and healthy. We have some concerns about Fort Mill/Tega Cay but also some suggestions of ways to make Fort Mill/Tega Cay a happier, cleaner, better place to live.

We are so sad to see our beautiful town being destroyed by new housing developments and other unnecessary businesses. We realize that you want to bring in new business and people to our great town, but it seems there are better ways to do it. For instance, count how many QT (Quick Trip) gas stations are popping up everywhere. Why do we need a gas station on every corner? Why do we need a drugstore or fast food restaurant every few blocks? Our town is beginning to look overpopulated and crowded.

Also, why are we destroying nature to create new construction? Green space is disappearing every day in neighborhoods and community areas, and it breaks our hearts. Our trees are our greatest source of oxygen. Not only are they vital to our existence, but they are beautiful. We know there must be a way for humans to co-exist with nature and respect it instead of destroy.

We have some suggestions that might help:

•  Reuse old buildings instead of creating new ones.

•  Reuse torn down building materials to create new buildings.

•  If a building must become vacant, it should be mandatory that the building is torn down instead of sitting vacant. Replant trees in its place. Make it beautiful.

•  Support small businesses to run their business from their homes instead of using more buildings and driving cars to work.

•  If we must build new business and housing, at least create greenspace to balance what we build. For every new building or house a certain number of trees MUST stay or be planted.

We don’t want to become the city of Charlotte. The reason we love living in Fort Mill and Tega Cay is because of its history and natural beauty. We think that in an effort to bring people to our town we’re actually going to push them away because nobody wants traffic, pollution, too many buildings, and squished housing. People love our town because of the nature. They will come here because of the nature. Yes, it may cost more to keep the trees, but in the long run, it is worth it… for us and all the generations that come after us.

Alizabeth, Kaiya, Della, Roxy, Morgan, Glorya, Caitlyn, and Natalia (students) are taught by Stacey Rosebrock. They live in the Fort Mill Township.

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