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Overlay District meant to protect, beautify, Highway 521

June 17, 2014 

Last week on June 9, the third reading of the “Overlay District of the Unified Development Ordinance” was finally passed by the Lancaster County Council, but it was a heart-stopping 4-3 decision.

The purpose of this Overlay District, in a nutshell, is to prevent Highway 521 from becoming a replica of Cherry Road in Rock Hill. Lancaster County residents have been telling the council that they want officials to do all they can to make sure traffic moves freely on this main thoroughfare and to ensure it looks as nice as possible – even while retail development continues.

This is the first phase of implementation of the Overlay District, which runs Highway 521 to Highway 75, and Highway 160 East from Highway 521 west to the Lancaster/York county line.

Some of the members of Lancaster County Council asked many questions at the June 9 meeting even though it had been discussed for several months. Lancaster County Planning Director Penelope Karagounis, the project consultant and the planning commission did an excellent job explaining aspects of the ordinance and being extremely patient.

The Overlay District will make a significant change for the better – from landscaping and lighting, to more curb cuts and so much more.

Karagounis asked the council to get on the bus because she would be driving for a better Indian Land. The Panhandle’s representatives on council, Chairman Larry McCullough and Brian Carnes, and fellow council members Charlene McGriff and Bob Bundy all got on the bus with her. The others are still standing at the bus stop.

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