Letter: Just what we need: More development

July 1, 2014 

Just what we need: More development

What a beautiful town we moved to 16 years ago. On the 10-minute drive from downtown Fort Mill to Tega Cay we passed countless blooming trees and I remember my wife saying ‘this is home!’

Fast forward to today. The sound of birds has been replaced by bulldozers, falling trees, and so many sirens that it feels like midtown Manhattan. That same drive can now take 40 minutes. Highway 160 traffic regularly backs up from Gold Hill to as far as Walmart, and the next 1/2 hour is spent watching the impatient daredevil drivers racing 1/4-mile in that special center lane constructed just for them.

How to solve the problem? Local planners decided the best path was to OK hundreds of new homes that will feed more traffic into the same overwhelmed infrastructure. Businesses won’t be far behind and soon we will all wish 160 traffic was as good as Pineville-Matthews Road, I-485 or Cherry Road.

But don’t worry, while sitting in traffic you can rest assured that if your car catches fire our local planners will be right there to throw gasoline on it.

Steve LaDue

Fort Mill

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