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Sis Silvers: Wonder Woman

July 8, 2014 

Heroes have one thing in common: they prove it takes only one person to make a difference. My hero is Sis Silvers, our former mail carrier.

I didn’t realize how much carriers have to do besides deliver the mail. I didn’t know they have to bundle the mail in preparation for delivery, record address changes, redirect mail for those addresses, sell stamps and money orders and so much more.

To our neighborhood, Silvers was so much more than a mail carrier. She reported two major fires in our neighborhood, brought lost dogs and cats to their rightful owners, reported suspicious activity, tended to crying children – you name it. She is like Wonder Woman to us. Her co-workers love her. They say she is awesome to work with and helps everyone. She has a loving family and works hard for her church.

The United Postal Service has recently completed an evaluation of this delivery route. These evaluations have been conducted to improve efficiency of delivery, ensure more consistent timely delivery and to improve service. This means the carrier assigned to your route may change. Silvers is leaving our route because they are dividing it.

The growth in Indian Land now requires two carriers. What? You have got to be kidding me. After being here 28 years with a single carrier for all of Indian Land, this is startling.

I received a note from Silvers: “Will miss you all,” she wrote.

Sis Silvers, you could never realize how much we will miss you. Bye, Sis.

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