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Fifty-two times a year, the Fort Mill Times delivers hometown news that affects readers and your potential customers in this growing suburban community.

From school board and town council meetings to local events, sports and church activities, we cover life and news in the communities in and around Fort Mill.

Residents know that important events affecting them will appear first in the Fort Mill Times. That's why we're consistently read from cover to cover, 52 weeks a year.

Your advertisements do get noticed in the Fort Mill Times. If you want to increase your business, get your ad in print! Advertise in the Fort Mill Times, increase your bottom line, and watch your business grow!


Name Title Email Work Phone
Pettus, Mary Advertising Director (803) 326-4322
Van Sickle, Sonya Advertising Manager (803) 329-4085
Avant, Sherry Assistant Advertising Manager (803) 329-4055
Walker, Melissa Administrative specialist (803) 329-4086
Blackwelder, Sara Administrative specialist (803) 329-4086
McLeod, Jim Auto & Real Estate Advertising Rep. (803) 329-4097
Roeder-Kimbrell, Patricia Advertising Representative (803) 909-4216
Wells, Caroline Advertising Representative (803) 329-4088
Pontus, Donna Advertising Representative (803) 329-4092
Pinckney, Lisa Advertising Representative (803) 329-4093
Robinson, Ansley Advertising Representative (803)329-4064
Greene, Tracy Dealsaver and Digital (803) 329-4034
Grant, Kim Obituaries Clerk (803) 909-4209
Varner, Eril OFort Mill Times Representative (803) 909-4209
Sample, Wendy Lake Wylie Pilot Representative (803) 831-8166

Advertising Rate Policy

To receive a rate discounted off the open rate, an advertiser must sign an annual advertising contract. We reserve the right to change the terms of the contract with 30 days advance notice.

Payment terms are net 15; all payments are due and payable in full by the 15th of the month. Any balance left unpaid after the 30th of the month is subject to a finance charge of 18% APR until paid in full. Any past due balance is a violation of the terms for extending credit privileges and can result in those privileges being withdrawn.

All new accounts are payable in advance until credit is approved. To establish credit, a credit application must be filled out and signed by an authorized owner, partner or officer of advertising approved by the Fort Mill Times. Advertisers who already have good credit with The Herald may be exempt from this.

All political, transient, going out-of-business, liquidation sale, or advertising of a similar nature is payable in advance of publication.

If legal action is required to collect any past due amount, the advertiser will be responsible for payment to the Fort Mill Times for all reasonable legal fees resulting.

All claims for adjustments must be made within 10 days after publication.

The Fort Mill Times will provide a proof of your ad (10-inch or larger) at no additional cost.

Special Sections

Contact the advertising staff at 803-684-5653 or by fax at 803-628-0300.